Corzo is the fastest way to update Salesforce, take sales notes, and keep up on your tasks.

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Sales Representatives

For Top Performers

Salesforce requires too many clicks, is inconvenient, and notoriously slow. We have a better alternative.

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Built for Speed and Convenience

How much time do you waste waiting for Salesforce to load? How many tabs do you keep open to finish tasks?

Corzo was built exclusively for selling, so we made it fast. Really fast.


Link your notes to Salesforce contacts and opportunities. Edit fields directly in your notes, or in your spreadsheet pipelines. Fast load times. Fast sales.


View your meeting schedule for the day whenever you open a new tab, and directly create notes and open Zoom meetings from your events.


View and take action on your Outreach and Salesforce. Quickly trigger a call to your prospects from your notes or pipelines.

Value Proposition

Your Workflow Made Easier


Spend more time selling and less time clicking

Spending too much time logging activities and inputting sales data and notes in multiple different systems? Bring your notes, tasks, and calendar into one place.

Better CRM hygiene

Scratchpad helps you organize and update your opportunities and syncs it all back to Salesforce. Updates are instant and require the absolute minimum amount of clicks.


Keep organized and stress free

Corzo is blazingly fast and is always there when you open a new tab. Unclog your mind by instantly creating a note from your calendar, chip away at Salesforce/Outreach tasks, and visualize your deals like never before.

You've never seen productivity like Corzo.

Pretty soon you'll wonder how you ever closed a sale without it.