How does it work


Create your Account

Connect your Salesforce account to instantly get started with Corzo, for free.


Create a Note

Open your calendar and create a note, or press the create note button. Notes can be tied to Salesforce records, which are automatically synced with Salesforce.


Insert Fields

Edit any Salesforce fields for leads, contacts, opportunities and/or accounts right inside your notes. Once you finish typing, it will instantly be synced with Salesforce.


Update Records

Using Corzo pipelines, you can bulk edit your opportunities, contacts, accounts, and leads that meet any conditions you set (i.e. all open opportunities with a value > $100k). Editing is even easier then editing tables in Excel!


Share with Team

Collaborate on your notes with your team members, just like you would in Google Docs. Whether you are editing Salesforce fields or sharing victory GIFs, Corzo notes are 100% collaborative.

Unlimited Notes

Take unlimited notes for free, no obligations.


Integrate with Salesforce and your calendar and save time.

Customize & Control

Admins get complete administrative control.

Secure & GDPR Compliant

We use industry-leading security practices.