Introducing Corzo Notes


Corzo notes are the easiest and fastest way to capture the most important information from your sales meetings. Collaborate real time with your teammates and edit Salesforce records inside the note itself.


  • Assign notes to Salesforce records (syncing with Salesforce coming soon)
  • Edit Salesforce records (i.e. Opportunities) within the note itself
  • Share your notes and collaborate with your teammates on notes real time
  • Create notes from your Google Calendar events
  • Insert templates into notes
  • Notes are automatically saved and synced in the background -- never worry about losing your notes again!
  • Embed Giphy images into your notes
Edit associated Salesforce records in a slide-out modal, and quickly access contacts' and leads' LinkedId and social pages.

Questions & Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this feature, contact ryan@corzo.io