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Sales Enablement

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Seamlessly bridging all your sales tools into one

Corzo has integrations with the tools you use everyday, including Salesforce, Google Calendar, Outreach, and Zoom. Rather than bounce between them all, we bridge all of them in a single user interface, saving you an average of 2+ hours per day.

Integrate Salesforce

Link your notes to Salesforce contacts and opportunities. Edit fields directly in your notes, or in your spreadsheet pipelines. Fast load times. Fast sales.

Integrate Your Calendar

View your meeting schedule for the day whenever you open a new tab, and directly create notes and open Zoom meetings from your events.

Integrate Outreach

View and take action on your Outreach tasks. Quickly trigger a call to your prospects from your notes or pipelines.

Value Proposition

Your Team's Workflow Made Easy


Simplify Onboarding

Struggling to teach reps how to use multiple different tools? Integrate your systems into Corzo to standardize and simplify your reps lives. Let reps get 80%+ of their work done in just one platform.

Clone Your Best Reps

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Your best reps are succeeding for a reason. Share their success across the organization to enable your teams to learn from each other using templates.


Stop Losing Deals

Ensure reps have access to the sales material they need when they need it. Contextual cataloguing of sales materials means reps have essential information at their fingertips.

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