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Bringing all your team's tools into one place

Corzo has integrations with the tools your team uses everyday, including Salesforce, Google Calendar, Outreach, and Zoom. Rather than bounce between them all, we bridge all of them in a single user interface, saving reps average of 2+ hours per day.

Integrate Salesforce

Quickly run reports on your entire team's sales performance, and view all of their notes and history with their contacts.

Powerful Integrations

Your team will have access to the integrations they use most, giving them fast ways to automate and take action on simple tasks.

Share Templates

Control the templates your reps are using to take notes regularly, including which fields they should fill out during their calls.

Value Proposition

Forecast Better & Faster


Ramp Reps Faster

Provide reps with an aggregated history of all communication that has taken place in their accounts. Avoid days wasted searching through multiple systems to find calls, emails, notes, recordings, and content. Now it’s all in one place.

Forecast More Accurately

Simplify opportunity management with Corzo. Sales leaders identified pipeline accuracy as a critical KPI to track in 2020. While reps want to improve, they are held back by the administrative burden of doing so. Make opportunity management delightful and be delighted by the results.


Make time for Selling

Teams whose reps are weighed down by processes and tasks will find it harder to meet elevated customer expectations. Alleviate that burden with Corzo so your reps can get back to understanding their customers’ unique needs, expectations, and circumstances, and closing more deals.

Duplicate your best reps

Prevent reps stumbling through objections. Find what works and standardize it across the team using templates.


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