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Sales Operations

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Seamlessly bridging all your sales tools into one

Corzo has integrations with the tools you use everyday, including Salesforce, Google Calendar, Outreach, and Zoom. Rather than bounce between them all, we bridge all of them in a single user interface, saving you an average of 2+ hours per day.

Integrate Salesforce

Sales reps can quickly capture information during their calls using inline fields, and templates ensure they know what to capture when.

Run Custom Reports

Using pipelines, sales teams can bulk update their opportunities to capture more information and accurately measure success.


Reps integrate with Zoom, their calendar, Salesforce, and Outreach, ensuring that data from each is captured and accessible.

Value Proposition

Your Data Made Accessible


Ensure Data Accuracy

Convincing reps to keep sales data and notes accurate can be challenging. Simplify the process to improve your data accuracy and capture the information your business runs on.

Improve forecasting

Enable your reps to keep up to date pipeline forecasts. Standardize pipeline views, so reps are collecting the correct opportunity information, and updating it regularly.


Nudge towards best practices

Encourage reps to adopt best practices by locking down aspects of their data collection practice. Nudges ensure the data collected is actionable by your organization.

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